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Hostelbookers is a travel agency who partner with youth hostels and cheap hotels in over 3,500 travel destinations across the globe.
Diversifying the Digital Channel Mix to improve synergy & convert new prospect audiences.
Hostelbooker were already running PPC activity however their digital mix was solely reliant on PPC & SEO, therefore there was a clear need to diversify their digital activity, specifically given their target audience focuses on 18-30 year old audience and Paid Social would be a huge opportunity to build awareness and drive conversions for a previous unreached audiences.
Our Solution

We introduced Facebook & Programmatic Display to the marketing plan targeting 18-30 years using 3rd party data audiences of users with a high propensity to travel whilst also being conscious of their budget.
We used Facebook video posts and image link posts to direct traffic directly to the Hostelbookers site and dynamic display ads. Key to our success was keeping the creative fresh, relevant and appealing and utilising Facebook oCPM bidding which optimises delivery of impressions to users most like to convert.

(You can read our Zoho case study here or our ZooPlus write up here).

What we achieved
We drove an additional 44% of leads via these new channels and reduced overally CPA by 22%.
The additional channel activity also helped to bring down PPC CPA with the multi-channel approach creating great synergy across the entire digital mix.






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