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Embracing creativity in the programmatic age.
Transforming the brand’s approach to Programmatic Display
Zooplus is Europe’s leading pet store offering over 10,000 products to pet lovers in 22 countries whilst providing top quality and price.

Zooplus was facing a challenge of building market share in new markets such as the UK, Ireland and France. After approaching iTonixs we work closely with the client to build out 5 personas and utilise the power of dynamic creative to deliver unthinkable results.

The brand approached us for support with search optimisation but it soon became apparent that SEO was not the service that would deliver their ambitious brand goals.

What followed was a complete brand redesign, incorporating clearer customer propositions, new USPs, extensive user experience testing and a brand new site development.

Our Solution

Our first step was to really understand Zooplus current customer base and identify their demographics, internet usage behaviour and buying patterns. Our data and analytics team crunched a huge amount of 1st and 3rd party data and where able to segment Zooplus audience into five key personas.

With the audience insight we set about building targeting segments and bespoke dynamic creative for each audience, with imaginary and messaging built that would resonate much more closely with this audience helping to build awareness, drive traffic to the site and drive increase conversions.

We also implement a huge scale dynamic retargeting campaign utilising our in-house dynamic creative solution which was able to display the products users had most recently be browsing from a product catalogue of 10,000 items.

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What we achieved
Both the new prospecting and retargeting strategies utilising the persona audiences create game changing results form Zooplus within the three core markets. We achieve an uplift of sales by 260% and a improvement of conversion rate by 1.8%.






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