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Perfect Glasses

CRO Delivers 28% increase in conversions for online Optician
Perfect Glasses sale prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses online in the UK. This case study demonstrates how iTonixs used advanced CRO techniques to increase sales volume from the client’s website.

The aims of the CRO project where as follows:

  • Improve the conversion rate.
  • Boost brand loyalty.
  • Reduce the overall cost per sale.
Our Solution

We undertook qualitative and quantitative conversion research and prioritised our efforts on the areas of the website that would drive the most value in the shortest timescale.

Through UX, UI and form analysis of the order page, we diagnosed and prioritised opportunities to reduce friction and make the new page more intuitive.

Using the insights from the conversion research, we developed a hypothesis and designed a challenger page for testing.

Internal testing gave us the confidence to run a live A/B test, which generated a statistically significant result showing that the challenger did increase conversion rates.

Sales conversion rates subsequently confirmed that there had been no negative impact on lead quality.

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What we achieved
We delivered game-changing results for Perfect Glasses to make the digital acquisition efficient across all digital channels.








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